Woman with long blonde hair looking forward and leaning on her that has a prominent math tattoo of a Rössler's Strange Attractor.
Math is a creative force

Kate Ertmann

I’m an Organizational Designer that is inspired by theoretical math IRL.
I’m a speaker on Chaos in the 21st Century Workplace, I love #NASCAR because it’s math at 200mph, and my favorite pastimes rotate between scoring an MLB game (#Yankees), reading more math books, or long walks on the beach (yes, really, #NorthCoastOregon).
Most importantly — my favorite food is buttered popcorn.

But, Kate, if you love math so much why didn’t you major in mathematics?
Why write math essays?
And why are you doing this now?

Oh, friend, those answers and more are here for your reading pleasure when I was recently interviewed for the MAA by mathematician & multi-book author, Dr. Tim Chartier, who is also MoMath’s Distinguished Visiting Professor for the Dissemination of Mathematics as well as a Mathematics and Computer Science Professor at Davison College.

And yes, I was equal parts gobsmacked and honored that he reached out to me for an interview. #nerdgoals

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