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Zero Got Muscle


This essay is not about the multi-centuries of history of the entity known as zero; others have written whole scores of essays and books about ye ol' zero, so, yeah no, that's not what will be revealed here. This essay is about the power of nothing...

To Be Free or To Be Bound: That Is The (Variable’s) Question


You know what’s confused me for a really long time? Whether standing out from the crowd is a good thing or a bad thing. Or, to make that sentence not so extreme by my use of such polar opposite words that offer no gray area in between to contemplate - let me give you an example...

Fielding Can Be Multidimensionally Overwhelming


I hadn’t realized how emotionally isolated I was in my relationship with mathematics till the physical limitations of 2020 were imposed on the world. I hadn’t realized how strong my feelings of adulation were for math till there were severe limits placed on ...

Sometimes I Feel Like A Logarithm


Let's begin with this excellent definition of what a logarithm is: Logarithms are mathematical relationships used to compare things that can vary dramatically in scale. I find that the clearest way to explain what a logarithm is to first say what its relationship is to an exponent, because...

The OG Swinger


In the living room of the house I grew up in, there was a big ol’ grandfather clock that my mom picked up at a garage sale and, with the help of one of my brothers, restored back to working condition. When it was oh-so-quiet in the room and I’d be curled up in my chair reading...

My Ideal Beer Buddy is an Integer


I want to go back to the basics, to one of the fundamental participants in all mathematical calculations. When I say I love math, most folx presume that means I love arithmetic, which is not quite true. I mean, I definitely get some satisfaction when...

A Memorandum on Pop Math

Post-it note with a hand that just finished writing the math symbol for because and the word MATH

You know how people say, “because, science” in response to a question that is about anything from why diseases spread, to how diamonds are made, to why some bird migrations land in the same backyard, year after year? And while we should always...

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