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Chaos Is Just A Misunderstood Twerp


Admittedly, I am a big - way way way WAY Big - stickler for people understanding the exact definition of the words that they use to communicate with. I don’t know if this means that I simply have a deep appreciation and respect for the English language or if it just means...

To Be Free or To Be Bound: That Is The (Variable’s) Question


You know what’s confused me for a really long time? Whether standing out from the crowd is a good thing or a bad thing. Or, to make that sentence not so extreme by my use of such polar opposite words that offer no gray area in between to contemplate - let me give you an example...

Fractalicious. Rhymes with Delicious. 


I think it’s kind of weird that I didn’t have the whole world of fractals in a bear-hug of an embrace till I was…oh…probably in my 30’s? I guess I just had never stumbled upon them and didn’t know that the genesis, definitively, of a fractal is alls about the maths. I’m sure I had seen them and...

Go Ahead, Give It A Lil’ Shove

The word GO in RatFink font as a tattoo on a person's arm

My favorite word is GO. You can proclaim it like a battle charge as you wage into a space that you’d rather not be in yet you have to be in so let’s get it over with. You can also whisper it to yourself, that final assertion that, hey, stud, you got this. There’s probably a legit million ways you...

Finding Whole Balance

black and white version of the Temperance card from the Rider-Waite tarot deck of a person pouring liquid from one receptacle to another.

I am fond of saying, “Equilibrium. That’s all that we want. That’s all any of us want, really.” And if I’m compelled to say this phrase, then that usually means it feels appropriate to say it in a dramatic way; I pause between each sentence. I might gesticulate (not wildly). I might even throw in...

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