What’s Up With All The Asterisks?

The asterisks throughout the posts represent those tangential moments that pop-up in those relaxed conversations you have with your friends.

They are the “oh, remind me to tell you” and the “actually, if you want to know more about” moments where I give a little more background on some specific thing I had just mentioned. When you notice an asterisk, you can just click on it to pop-up a bit more information.

But if you don’t read any of the asterisk’d stuff, you won’t miss the plot.

Think of it like the extras on a DVD or a behind-the-scenes clip for an upcoming show: if you’re curious and have a couple of minutes to spare, you might get some good tidbits that’d enhance the whole story. But if you are someone who is not inclined to watch those extras – or click on asterisks that appear in something you are reading – it’s no bigs to just ignore ’em.

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