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My Ideal Beer Buddy is an Integer

I want to go back to the basics, to one of the fundamental participants in all mathematical calculations. When I say I love math, most folx presume that means I love arithmetic, which is not quite true. I mean, I definitely get some satisfaction when reconciling a bank register but I’ve never considered working in accounting, or with data or statistics, or following some unrealized true calling...

A Memorandum on Pop Math

You know how people say, “because, science” in response to a question that is about anything from why diseases spread, to how diamonds are made, to why some bird migrations land in the same backyard, year after year? And while we should always consider the source of who is saying “because, science” since the phrase could be used as an evasive way to manipulate a serious discussion – in general...

GO Ahead, Give It A Lil Shove

My favorite word is GO. You can proclaim it like a battle charge as you wage into a space that you’d rather not be in yet you have to be in so let’s get it over with. You can also whisper it to yourself, that final assertion that, hey, stud, you got this. There’s probably a legit million ways you can use it to empower yourself and empower others. It’s a powerful and, yes, empowering word...

Finding Whole Balance

I am fond of saying, “Equilibrium. That’s all that we want. That’s all any of us want, really.” And if I’m compelled to say this phrase, then that usually means it feels appropriate to say it in a dramatic way; I pause between each sentence. I might gesticulate (not wildly). I might even throw in a sigh at the end. In any case, I believe I give a lil drama to those sentences because that’s the...

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